Photos of Clockwork Angels Concert

A few shaky photos from the Clockwork Angels concert in Winnipeg on 26 September 2012.  Yes, they are blurry and shot with a cell phone camera, but it is Rush!  Howard Ungerleider has been their lighting designer and director since 1974 and these photos mostly show the results of his work.  Thanks Howard!  The visual effects were fantastic.

 rush_image-74  rush_image-75  rush_image-77 rush_image-78 rush_image-79 rush_image-80 rush_image-81 rush_image-82 rush_image-84 rush_image-85 rush_image-86 rush_image-87 rush_image-88 rush_image-89  rush_image-90  rush_image-91  rush_image-92  rush_image-93  rush_image-94  rush_image-95  rush_image-96  rush_image-97  rush_image-98  rush_image-99 rush_image-100 rush_image-101 rush_image-102 rush_image-103 rush_image-104