Electricity and Magnetism

The 74:272 Electricity and Magnetism Lab Schedule for 2021 is shown below.  The department will run the first lab on two dates with half the class attending each day.  The location for this in person lab is BB2-32.  The labs following that first lab (meters and oscilloscope measurements) will then be online with images, video and a live demonstration showing the data being collected along with a description of the equipment and how it works.

2021 version of Meters/Oscilloscope Measurements to be posted before lab...

Coulomb's Law: coulombs.pdf
Oscilloscope Measurements: oscilloscope.pdf
Capacitance and Permittivity: capacitance.pdf 
Temperature Resistance:temperature_resistance.pdf
Rotating Coil Magnetometer: rotating_coil_magnetometer.pdf
Mutual Induction: mutual_induction.pdf
Magnetic Hysteresis: magnetic_hysteresis.pdf