Modern Physics
Below is the lab schedule for 74:275 Modern Physics for Term 1, 2017-2018 year.  Labs begin at 1:40pm on Mondays in Rooms 2-34, 2-35, 2-36 of the Brodie Science Building.  Note: The calendar images also contain the 74:273 schedule. 

Watch your email for instructions pertaining to the lab manual, instructions in pdf form will be distributed by email or posted here for download.

  • Tutorial for Modern Physics and Optics (combined) pdf: graphing_with_grace.pdf
  • Michelson Interferometer Lab instructions:  Please skim through before the lab if possible: pages 7 to 10. Thanks!  Postscript format:   pdf format: michelson.pdf
  • Tutorial for Modern Physics and Optics (combined) pdf: LyX.pdf
  • Photoelectric Effect Lab instructions: photoelectric.pdf
  • Charge to mass ratio for electron: e_over_m.pdf