Modern Physics
Below is the lab schedule for 74:275 Modern Physics for Term 1, 2021-2022 year. 

Labs begin at 1:40pm on Mondays in either BB2-34 or BB2-35 which are beside each other.

Watch your email for instructions pertaining to the lab manual, instructions in pdf form may be distributed by email and/or posted here for download.

If needed, the Linux installations on either the Virtualbox vm or the loaner PC's, the username and password will be emailed to you.  Since we are back on campus for 2021 term 1, Linux machines for plotting are available in BB2-33, and accounts have been created for you.


  • Details on using remote control on zoom.  This allows are remote user to control s/w etc on another remote machine: zoom_remote_control.pdf 


  • Michelson Interferometer Lab instructions:  michelson.pdf  Please skim through before the lab if possible: pages 7 to 10. Thanks!
  • 2020 Michelson Interferometer Lab instructions: michelson-2020.pdf  

  • 2020 Blackbody files, watch here for further links and files.

  • OLD: Discrete Spectra GLX version: discrete_spectra.pdf 
  • Possible 2020 Discrete Spectral (SpectraSuite version):  This is the software we will use for 2019 since one GLX has a keyboard problem and the software cannot be easily moved:  Here is the manual for SpectraSuite: SpectraSuite.pdf   Have a quick look at Chapter 3.  We will just be using arc lamps and the sun for sources.  Also look for the setting called "integration time".

OLD 2019 Blackbody data, etc:
Blackbody Radiation: Blackbody Radiation Instructions.pdf
Blackbody plots, results and notes on plotting: spect1.pdf